Cindy and Staci

We are moms on a mission!

Cindy is a retired Middle School Principal from Long Island, New York where she raised her three children.   Tragically, Cindy lost her beloved son, Rory, to an accidental drug overdose in 2015. She is driven by her calling to help others and has made it her personal mission. Cindy is thrilled to be an active member of The Palm Beach County Hub. Her best times are spent with her daughters and granddaughters. Traveling the world, hosting parties for family and friends, and learning about different cultures, are just a few of Cindy’s passions.

Staci is a native of Brooklyn, New York and has served as a New York City police officer.  The theater, the beach, and traveling are just a few Staci’s passions.  Her son, Dillon is an accomplished tattoo artist in Palm Beach County, Florida and is currently in recovery. Staci is a member on the Board of Directors for the Palm Beach County Hub. She is passionate about her personal mission to help others.

Our2Sons, a non-profit organization, was created in 2017 to assist people with substance use disorder in all phases of recovery. These “moms on a mission” were recently featured in the December 21st edition of People Magazine and a CNN news segment for the work they do in the Palm Beach County Community.

Both women are driven by their calling to help their community!

They are moms on a mission!

Published by Our2Sons

Our2Sons is a non-profit organization that has come to life due to our experiences with our two sons. Although our stories are different, our paths have had a common thread. Substance Use Disorder has plagued our families and we have become Moms on a Mission. We represent moms and other family members who have had to advocate for our loved ones who are impacted by the disease of addiction. The Opioid Epidemic claims more than 115 deaths daily. Help us help others has become our motto. Donations to Our2Sons are utilized to assist those with SUD to provide basic needs to restart lives that include shelter, transportation, food and clothing. It takes a supportive and dedicated community to battle substance use disease and support those in recovery. Recovery is possible when stigma and shame are replaced with respect and courage.

2 thoughts on “Cindy and Staci

  1. Hi my name is Jody, happy to meet the two of you,my son Shane Ike died of an overdose December 12 2020 it was fentanyl that killed him, he was already gone by the time i got to the hospital, this is the worse pain losing my son, it hurts let me tell you, as you know and im so sorry for your loss! My son struggled with streerlt drugs for years heroin being th one he could not beat it he tried in an out of rehabs! Its all so sad” HEROIN” all the lives it is taking! I pray for all, i could use prayer i ask to please remember my sons name, use his name if youd like hoping his death will save a life! He though it was heroin but he was given fentanyl, he died instant a autopsy was done!his name is Shane Ike” from Michigan! If theres anyway i can help please get in touch with me my name is Jody Riggs from Michigan, thank you and god bless the both of you for what you do!


    1. Hi Jody,
      We are so very sorry for your loss. There are no words. Please take care of yourself and know that there is a community of friends and parents here that really care about each other. We appreciate donations so that we can help people in recovery with basic needs.
      There are links to donate on our website,
      In memory of Shane with love,
      Cindy and Staci


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