The World is in Our Hands

Every child is our child. Treat every child as if they were yours. Their world is in our hands.

-M. Creditor

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When a mother loses a child…all or the mothers of the world weep -M. Burns

Published by Our2Sons

Our2Sons is a non-profit organization that has come to life due to our experiences with our two sons. Although our stories are different, our paths have had a common thread. Substance Use Disorder has plagued our families and we have become Moms on a Mission. We represent moms and other family members who have had to advocate for our loved ones who are impacted by the disease of addiction. The Opioid Epidemic claims more than 115 deaths daily. Help us help others has become our motto. Donations to Our2Sons are utilized to assist those with SUD to provide basic needs to restart lives that include shelter, transportation, food and clothing. It takes a supportive and dedicated community to battle substance use disease and support those in recovery. Recovery is possible when stigma and shame are replaced with respect and courage.

2 thoughts on “The World is in Our Hands

  1. As I was struggling with thoughts on how can I help my son get his life back I saw the two ladies on CNN telling their story of how drug dependence has taken so much from you families. I felt like there is the answer realizes I need to ask for help so that I can try to help my son get the help he needs. I’m afraid every day for him I’m and not sure what he is using but his addiction started with prescription drugs as well. How can I help him fight. I have already lost one son, not to drugs but an accidental shooting, so when you say anytime you hear about any of our children losing their lives it is a loss for everyone


    1. Dear Geneva.
      Thank you for the response. We couldn’t agree with you more and totally understand your feelings of fear and loss. We’ve tried to surround ourselves with community and other parents that have had similar experiences. We also take every opportunity to take classes, listen to interviews and to use our own voices to educate and empower ourselves everyday.
      All our beat,
      Cindy and Staci


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